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turn the page Artists Book Symposium

May 14th 2020

The Forum- Norwich

Tickets now available for the turn the page Artists Book Symposium


Call for Papers

I am delighted to announce that the turn the page Symposium will be returning in 2020.

The symposium will he held on May 14th at The Forum in Norwich in conjunction with turn the page Artists Book Fair 2020.

Our first two symposiums covered topics as broad as appropriation as art, the question of bookness, and collecting book arts. I look forward to receiving your proposals for what I are sure will be an equally diverse and exciting day of book arts.

The turn the page page Symposium promotes new research and is hosted in conjunction with turn the page Artists Book Fair.  Proposals are welcome from artists, creators, publishers and academics that explore the many facets of the artists’ book.


The turn the page Symposium has no particular theme beyond book arts. Subjects could include but in no way limited to:

The book as object, the book as a journey, curating the book, book artists as independent publishers, fine art presses, the haptic in book arts, intertextuality, materiality, book arts and technology, book arts in special collections, collaboration in book arts production.

Abstracts are for twenty-minute papers and should be no more than 250 - 300 words.  Proposals for papers should be sent as attached Word documents, with a short biography appended, and submitted by the Feburary 29th 2020 to

Keynote Speaker

Rafael Klein

'Klein tells stories pirouetting on the fine edge
between detachment and sympathy.’
Cathy Courtney, Art Monthly

Rafael Klein creates environments, incorporating sculpture, paintings, books and film, which combine in a familiar world, but with a hint of something gone awry, a shadow hiding behind the colourful façade. These environments, with their narrative structure, all relate to Klein’s artists’ books.

Klein’s artists’ books are environments in themslves, a journey for the reader in which, as we turn the page, or rearrange the cut-outs, we are entering deeper into an experience which is both individual and collective. Klein makes us complicit in the creation of a man-made environment.

Just as our perspective alters as we move through the book, in the same way as it does when we move through the installation, viewing a sculpture from different angles, looking through one element to another, circling back to re-examine an earlier aspect in the light of what we have just discovered.

Tin Temples, Klein’s first solo exhibition at 112 Greene Street in New York City, created a theatrical environment of huge relief works, exploring different aspects of American mythology. The car, Hollywood, and Florida vacations came together in an immersive environment, seductively reproducing these icons while hinting at the darkness lurking just behind the stage set.

In subsequent large-scale exhibitions the transformation of perceived reality has continued through a range of immersive experiences. From Dante’s Divine Comedy for the 2005 exhibition at the 12th century Biblioteca Classense in Ravenna to narrative installations based on original text by the artist. ‘Il supermercato’ transformed an everyday location, revealing the hidden spirituality of shopping.  Brooklyn’s Coney Island, where the artist grew up, was the basis for a mixed media exhibition exploring both the appeal and the sinister aspect of an amusement park. (Royal Academy of Arts, London, British Library).  The accompanying hand printed artists' are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, the Tate, and many other public institutions.

Klein's public sculptures are also transformative environmental interventions. These explore the nature of a public space and involve community collaboration and permanent sculptures to both crystallise and expand the identity and how the space is utilised.

Instagram - @rafkleinart


Register for Tickets

We are pleased to announce that tickets for the forthcoming turn the page Artists Book Symposium are now on sale.

The symposium is hosted in conjunction with turn the page Artists Book Fair and will explore subjects and ideas from across the world of book art.

Early bird registration discounts are available for both standard and concession fees if registration and payment is complete before March 31st.

Symposium Fee

Fee includes access to the symposium, a symposium pack and refreshments.


Cost for all forms and payment received before March 31st

Option A: Standard Symposium Fee


Option B: Concession Symposium Fee

(For students and unemployed- proof will be required)


Option C: Exhibitors Fee

(For those artists who are exhibiting at turn the page 2019)


Cost for all forms and payment received after March 31st

Option A: Standard Symposium Fee


Option B: Concession Symposium Fee

(For students and unemployed- proof will be required)


Option C: Exhibitors Fee

(For those artists who are exhibiting at turn the page 2019)


Email any questions to the following email address:

turn the page Collected Essays 2018

This book brings together a selection of essays that were originally delivered on May 24th 2018 at the inaugural turn the page Symposium. Bringing together new and established voices the turn the page Symposium, and this book, aims to further the creative and academic field of book arts. With papers discussing everything from the art of appropriation to the book as a journey turn the page Collected Essays 2018 shows the diversity and vast potential of the genre. Hard to pin down or clearly define book art is at its most successful when the full intimacy and haptic potential of the work is realised. This can only be achieved with the involvement of the reader. It is this involvement that this collection hopes to encourage and contribute to. I hope that you find something within these pages that makes you stop, question, and go on to create or share new ideas of your own.

The turn the page Collected Essays 2018 is now sold out. 

turn the page Collected Essays 2019 (a selection of essays originally delivered in May 2019) will be released in May 2020. You can preorder your copy via email

RRP: £20.00

Postage: £2.00

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