Book artists at turn the page 2012


The 2012 show included the work of over 50 UK and International artists and was an exciting and varied event with its eclectic mix of traditionally crafted and hand bound books alongside intriguing sculptural book objects, installation and performance. Throughout the two days, visitors had the opportunity to experience books in their many diverse and sometimes surprising forms, they took part in interactive book related activities and were entertained with poetry, storytelling and book related events.

Colin Ainsworth
Orson Kartt
Sophia Dawson & Lynda Williams

Mike Dodd
East London Printmakers Theresa Easton




Joseph Field
Catherine Ward    Mayumi Arakawa

Andrew Law
Krystyna hamera
Imi Maufe


Louise Tiplady
Camberwell MA Bookarts
Larissa Cox


Jenny Leonard
Haejung Choi
 Floating World


Gloria Ceballos
Judith Ellis
Jan Fairbairn-Edwards


Heather Hunter
Ed Boxall Jean Mould-Hart


15 to 1
Society of Bookbinders