exhibitors: turn the page artists' book fair 2016



cherry styles     jo howe     jen fox     chris ruston     annwyn dean 

    trudy roe     liz mathews     annette kreiser     anna yevtukh-squire    

annette disslin     ensixteen editions     wendy allen     pat hodson    

ingrid duffy    miranda campbell     karen apps    jules allen     

lola swain     gemma lacey     peter knight    

tricia newell & john garrett     the subconscious collective    

becky tough     artpocket     pien Rotterdam     dizzy pragnell    

as yet untitled     rosie sherwood     gloria ceballos    

caroline penn     camberwell book arts ma     society of bookbinders    

john jarrold print museum     print to the people     su blackwell    

the laurence sterne trust     the norfolk longbook 


June 24th & 25th 2016, Books... but not as you know them #ttp2016



if a picture paints a thousand words, bookart knows no limit.


turn the page artists' book fair 2016